Lightmovers and Shakers



Hope Fitzgerald and the Infinity Wave (part 2)

In this second episode of a two-part special, "Lightmovers and Shakers" host Eleyne-Mari Sharp welcomes back spiritual teacher Hope Fitzgerald to discuss the versatility of the Infinity Wave, including how we can use its high frequency energy with others to help heal the planet we love.


Says Hope: "We live in a time of rapid change and so we have been given a tool to assist with rapid adjustments. The Wave is brimming with love and compassion, and delivers an overall sense of well-being, peace, and connectedness. As a flowing, 10th dimensional energetic, it can be used to co-create change on every level."


Hope Fitzgerald is a life coach, intuitive dowser and neurofeedback practitioner. She is the owner of Wave Energy Evolution in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and channeller of the Infinity Wave.