Welcome to WITHIN RADIO, the self-transformation channel. 

Founded by Eleyne-Mari Sharp in 2012, o
ur on-demand shows inspire you to "go within" to find the answers you seek about health, relationships, finances, creativity, spirituality, and more.  


Eleyne-Mari Sharp (pronounced “Elaine Marie”) is a visionary with many interests (she especially loves Color and Water) and a very eclectic background, beginning with her 38-year career as a writer. 
Eleyne-Mari has been employed by television shows, advertising agencies, publishing companies, film festivals and screenwriting conferences. 
She is also a certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, crystal worker, jewelry designer, events organizer, radio show host, radio show producer (Color Healing Radio and Within Radio), author of several books, creator of the Rainbow Writing method and founder of Color Therapy Month in March.
Eleyne-Mari's writing was featured in two anthologies: How I Found the Write Path and Simply Color for Everyday Living.   She is the author of INN LAK'ECH: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness and MAD ABOUT HUE: A Memoir in Living Color.